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So what, have you just dropped the velvets now for sims 4??

?? Read my 40 day hiatus notice? I came back to try the sims 4 and post a little velvet but I still have 20 days to go. When they are over, the velvets will be back.

My angel, my baby boy, my little green, blue eyed prince passed away last night.
God knows my eyes havent been dry since then. I have never felt this intense heart break. Grief isn’t foreign ground to me. I don’t have a healthy relationship with it, i never have. This time, however, its all that i seem to be feeling and seeing.
I dont want to go into details about it because it isn’t what his life was about but Neyo suffered from a three month long illness jumping back and forth. He had to go to the vet everyday for the past month. He was stressed, i was stressed. I couldn’t even sleep in fear that he would die while my eyes were closed. I developed an eating disorder, starting losing my hair and didn’t leave the house if it wasnt for the vets.
He died in my arms last night. I held him the entire time. It was sudden, I thought he was getting better. I dont live in the most veterinarianly advanced country so there was little i could do for him, i did my absolute best.
He was the sweetest thing. He hated being alone, even if he was sick he would drag himself up to follow me. He was his own big personality in a little body. He was my little brother more than he ever was my cat.
This is a very hard time for me. I am not taking this lightly, I have so much on my plate and I’m still battling all of my demons and i have to do it without my baby. I miss him, i loved him, i love him. He’s resting now, hes finally at peace. No more doctors, no more medicine.
Rest in peace, my little angel.

Official Selfie Queens.

· the sims 4 ·

I *FINALLY* got a chance to try out the sims 4, which I’m officially referring t as the sims 2 on drugs, and I love it, I do! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a full Sims 3 blog with maybe, in the far future, sims 4 side projects, 

I love the multi tasking. The hassle of not having my sim get off the computer to call a friend over is amazing. The furniture is pretty, the interactions are pretty, the graphics are pretty, the sim making is pretty, it’s all just so pretty. I thought I would be peeved about the no toddlers/pools, no create a style dilema but to be honest, while playing I was so distracted by everything else I didn’t even notice. 

· the sims 4 ·

What if I can’t relate, Peach? What if they find what I’m going through pathetic? I feel pathetic sometimes. I need someone to slap me into reality.

Tequila, I promise, when this is over, you will understand why I wanted you to do this so badly. You’re going to be okay.




LOOOL oh god


· the sims 4 ·

I don’t know what I would do without you, Peach.

It’s just a couple of friends. If I call them over, they’ll come, Quil. Can I? I think you need it as much as we all did.

I think you should.


What’s going on, Quil? You can talk to me. It’s just us.

I know what you’re talking about. Actually, I am what you’re talking about. I feel like..like nothing makes sense anymore. Like waking up, moving, breathing and functioning is a job. I’m running out of energy. I can’t talk to Satin, he doesn’t get it. I can’t talk to Cham or Cruise, either. I feel alone.

You aren’t alone. It’s always a process. You know how I got better? I have a support group. It started out as just me and a few friends talking about how to adjust to motherhood and now we hold a session every week at each of our houses and are help to anyone who needs it. 

So, Peach, I heard you had a baby.

I did! Her namy is Firefly. You know, she’s the most precious thing in the whole world but having her really took a toll on me. Did that happen to you?

The birth? I guess…

No. I mean, it’s just that I felt like the world turned upside down all of a sudden and I was suddenly holding this tiny wrapped up bundle of responsibility. It took a while to adjust. I guess motherhood doesn’t really come knocking on everyone’s door. We can’t all be Chambury. Did you hear that her triplets are walking? It’s ridiculous. 

Peach, Canary’s daughter, came over pretty unexpectedly to the Velvet house to meet Tequila.

Peach, it’s been so long! I’m so happy you came over I can’t even remember the last time I saw you!

I missed you, Quilly. Let’s sit, we have alot to catch up on!

Bouncy baby!




Poking around the Sims 4 preload package files and found these cuties.

These styled looks are so adorable.  I love how children in TS4 have these great personalities, & even aspirations now!  That is a massive step up from previous games & I’m so excited to play them! <3

Look at all the cute clothes *-* ♥♥♥

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