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Okay, Cham, They’re screaming. I have to go. My parents gave me attention and I turned out fine!

First of all, it’s Eclipse. I’ve fed him, changed him, played and gave him attention before putting him to bed. He’s fine, we can’t give in every single time he wails. What kind of parents would we be? Look at Tequila and Nebbie. Bless them but every time he cries she throws a fit and he’s made a habit of doing it every time he feels like it. Also, really? You turned out fine?

Well, almost fine. You can tell which one is crying?

Of course I can they’re my children.

Well they’re my children too so if I’m going to sleep without my heart breaking everytime I hear a screaming baby I’m going to need earmuffs. 

There are some in the drawer over there. Good night my darling.

Look, Gege, Mommy thinks I’m teaching you to talk but I think it’s way too early for that so I’m going to make a ton of sounds and you’re going to nod, you in?


That’s right. NOOBOO GOO TOO CHO

Repeat after me. When I am a child I will do my homework straight after school and clean my room. 

I don’t think she quite gets ya there Cham

Charizard in a green wig


So you guys know I’ve been inactive lately and I have a good reason why. In 40 days I will be taking a test that will determine how the next three years of my life are going to be like. A large portion of it has to do with math and that’s my absolute weakest subject ever so I need to study very badly.

Don’t worry, though! My best friend, soul mate and most favorite person on earth Kally is going to be running my blog for me! She’s going to change the password so I can’t get in but I will play at most once a week and edit and give her pictures to queue. Send a message and give her a welcome!! She’s the sweetest person ever you’re going to love her.  She knows how the generation’s story is going to play out so she’ll take control of dialogue. 

Until then you can still reach me! I will be on my fitblr and my black and white blog. 40 days! Wish me luck? <3 I’ll miss you all.

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Aren’t they though? <3

Hey! I love your blog so much. Anyway just wondering how do you come up with your sims names? And how long have you been playing on the velvet family for ?

About three years. I can barley believe it, haha. I just look at color names and sometimes I kind of just make stuff up. As you can see, this generation I’m going with a space themed kind of thing. 

also one more thing i really love how incredibly different tequila and chambury are when it comes to raising their children, which is really expressed in the depth of their respective story lines. i've loved all of the velvet legacy, but i think you've really outdone yourself with the storytelling of this generation! <3

Thank you sweetheart <3 Obviously there is a contrast between them when it comes to raising kids and I hope it’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out!

Cham, the baby is crying right behind you.

I know. He’s fed, changed and okay. He’s crying for attention.

Do I have to come all the way over there to give him attention?

No! He has to understand that he can’t get whatever he wants by sobbing for a few minutes. Let him cry.

Lipsy is absolutely 100% so hard to please. He does not like to do what he’s told and even if you fill his needs he’ll cry.

I know I’m going to call Cadburry Caddie, Nebula Nebbie and Eclipse is going to be Lipsy but I’m lost on a nickname for this baby girl. Suggestions are very welcome?

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